Datasets and software

IRMT Fall Detection Dataset

Dataset representative of falls and fall-resembling events, acquired by means of  Kinect v1 devices, used in experiments reported in the paper:

P. Mazurek, J. Wagner, R. Z. Morawski, "Use of Kinematic and Mel-cepstrum-related Features for Fall Detection Based on Data from Infrared Depth Sensors", Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, 2018, Vol. 40, pp. 102–110.

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Regularised numerical differentiation (MATLAB)

Tools for numerical differentiation of one-dimensional sequences of data corrupted with measurement errors in MATLAB.

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Total-variation denoising and differentiation (MATLAB)

MATLAB function for denoising and numerical differentiation of one-dimensional sequences of data with total-variation regularisation, including the following features:

  • weighted penalty term,
  • constraint on L¹-norm of derivative of selected order,
  • automatic optimisation of regularisation parameter,
  • estimation of higher-order derivatives.

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